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We sell over 20,000 items for the hunting and camping industry. Featuring top-quality and well known brands such as: Federal Premium Ammunition, Browning, Aimpoint, and Tapco to name a few. At everythingweapons.com you’ll find a huge assortment of: optics, ammunition, gun accessories, as well as hunting and camping gear for the outdoorsman. When we say we have “everything weapons” – we mean it.
If you have a question about our company contact me at: sales@everythingweapons.com
About the Owners

Our love for the outdoors…

I grew up fishing in Mammoth Lakes California. I have hiked all over the Sierra’s and spent many summers in Yosemite and have taken trips to all the major parks like Brice, Zion, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. I have been an avid gun owner for over 20 years. I first became interested in firearms during my first hunting trip for squirrels when I was under 10 -using a .22 rifle.

My wife and business partner, Suree Cooper, and I have been outdoors people our whole lives. Once we were married and we had our two children we made the decision we had to get out of Los Angeles and give our kids a better way of life. So we left the big bustling city and we bought a small farm in Tennessee. Here’s why…

Our commitment to personal protection…

As a father and husband living in LA I know from experience what having personal protection means. It provides piece of mind when the security of your home and the safety of your family is at risk. When we lived in the LA area we had five attempted break ins in eighteen months!

The first incident involved my wife being at home alone with my 6 month old daughter. At that point in her life she was afraid of guns and wasn’t trained in how to use firearms. As you can imagine, a busy police force in LA is not always fast enough at responding to 9-1-1 calls. However, the second time someone tried to break into our home, my wife ended up chasing after the gang members as the LAPD sirens filled the air. We moved to Arcadia and had four more break-in attempts until the final one where I drew down on two men trying to break through my front door. That event was what made us decide to move to Tennessee and raise our kids in a better environment.

Our commitment to our customers…

Like most married men I started talking about buying another gun and then another and another. Once we had 13 guns we realized it was time to go into businesses selling firearm accessories, ammunition, and everything that a lover of hunting and the outdoors would want and the person concerned about their family’s safety would need.

That is our story about how and why we decided to open www.everythingweapons.com. Welcome to our business I hope you enjoy our store. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help sales@everythingweapons.com

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