Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get my business listed in Explore Brentwood?

    Fill out the Add a Business form and submit it for review. We’ll let you know if you meet the criteria (active business license, physical presence within the city limits).

  2. How do I change information in my listing?

    Fill out the Update Business form. We’ll contact you if we have questions.

  3. How do I upload a photo and what type photo should I use?

    New businesses can upload images when they complete the Add a Business form. Existing businesses can inquire about adding or changing images through the Update Business form.

  4. I didn’t fill out a form, why is my business listed on the site?

    Your business was recommended as an outstanding business in Brentwood. Please create an account and make any changes you like to your listing. If you want your business deleted from the site, let us know. Just use the contact form at the top of this page.

  5. There’s a photo used with my listing, where did it come from?

    We added a photograph to help publicize your business. If you prefer, you can change or delete the photo when you login to your listing.

  6. I typed in a keyword that applies to my business, but my business didn’t display in the listing?

    We can fix that. Use the Update Business form and let us know what needs to change.

  7. My business isn’t displaying in the right business category.

    We can fix that. Use the Update Business form and let us know what needs to change.